Actually, participation in the auction is a very laborious process, which is why we are happy to present you our system, thanks to which you won't have to spend time on constant price tracking. This system is called "Sniper Betting".

How does it work? Very simple! The special program makes a deferred bid three seconds before the end of the auction. Technically, you can specify your bidding amount at any time and the program will automatically place your bet 3 seconds before the end of the auction.

What is the advantage of this program over the usual betting system? There are two of them, but they save a lot of time and nerves:

·         You do not need to keep track of the current price, place a bet once and it is triggered just before the end of the auction; the bet is triggered three seconds before the end of the auction, so the user who notices that you have outbid his bet will only have three seconds to make a new bet, that he is unlikely to make it and you will remain the winner;

·         Because your bet has not been anywhere during the whole bidding period, the total price of the product will be lower than if you had been in "betting fights" with other bidders during the bidding period, i.e., in simple terms, you have avoided unnecessary price spin-ups.